Do You Have a Noisy Xbox One? Microsoft Will Replace It!

Microsoft is working hard to fix the noise problem with the Xbox One console.

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Microsoft has announced that they have been getting a large number of complaints from consumers about their Xbox One consoles making loud noises while the console is functioning. Most of these noises occur when the console is just on and not running a game in dashboard!

According to some comments left on the Xbox Forums, a lot of these folks are first time buyers and have waited to buy an Xbox One until all the glitches were fixed. And most of these folks are from different countries where the Xbox has just launched. Now, if you really have to think about, why are and have there been so many glitches with the console? Even when its a new launch in another country? I sure as hell want to know!? Now, as these gamers waited to buy their Xbox console, hoping that there were no more problems, guess again. Xbox Official Support member Misses Quinzel says that anyone experiencing these problems should schedule a repair with them in order to receive a replacement console.

Misses Quinzel has also said that the new consoles being sent out are not having these problems as described. Here are some quotes from the Misses Quinzel:

Hey there, Bambusbieger! Thanks for the questions, and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Germany does have the Advanced Exchange option. You can see this on our Xbox One repair FAQpage for your locale under repair options. The console you get from our repair center is a certified replacement console. If you look through this thread, you will see that there are people that have replaced their console through us and no longer get the loud noise during installation or after.

If you have already received a replacement from the store, you should set up a repair through us instead of trying through the store again. I am very sorry to see that the consoles you have received from the retailer continue to have the console noise. At this point, setting up a repair would be the best option. The replacement through us should not have that noise, and I will be really interested to know how things work for you after you get your replacement console.

I am sincerely sorry to say that we cannot make a statement as to what may or may not have caused the console noise. We are working our hardest to make sure this is right for you, and the way to do that is by getting a replacement through our repair center.

The user you specifically called out, JFoZe, seems to have only replaced the console with the store. You can see that in this post here by him. At this point, I will highly suggest to him that he sets up a repair through us instead of taking the new console back to his retailer.

I do hope that I’ve answered everything that you touched on. I really do understand the frustration that this has caused, and wholeheartedly hope that a replacement console through us resolves this for you. 🙂

Everyone located in Chile, please do see my post above for what steps you should follow for the dashboard noise.

SamBearPig91, that fan squeak is not the same noise as the console dashboard noise. Please create another thread with as much detail as you can and we’ll help you out individually.

A very upset Bambusbieger, as stated in the above quote, has expressed his feelings repeatedly by asking the company to reimburse him and others for their time wasted and the value of the product they spent as well. Here is a quote stating such expressed feelings:

Dear Misses Quinzel,

I appreciate you trying to help here. I also understand that replacing our consoles through Microsoft seems to be the only fix available right now.

But you have to consider two facts:

  • All of us bought a brand-new console and paid the full retail price
  • We should therefore get a brand-new console, not a refurbished one

This is why I’m asking you: What exactly is a “certified replacement console”?

Unfortunately, you don’t answer that particular question. If you keep avoiding it further on, I will contact my retailer and request a refund. I will also cancel all of my pending pre-orders.

I spent numerous afternoos with

  • unpacking consoles
  • testing them for funcionality
  • filling out forms and printing return labels
  • wrapping them up neatly again with my own tape and padding material
  • bringing them to the post office with my car

So I got nothing so far, but spent a lot of money and first and foremost I wasted a lot of my spare time. I know several people that would ask for a compensation right now. I even know a lot of people that expect a compensation when they can’t access their cloud saves for a few hours. Despite everything that happened so far, I don’t.

But I want you to make sure all of us who paid for a brand-new console will get a brand-new console that has just left the factory when we set up an Advanced Exchange through Microsoft.

I feel bad for these gamers, and it sucks for me because I just moved to Japan where the Xbox has just launched as well. Now I feel a little skeptical about the purchase I was going to make. And then, Bambusbieger posted this:


I picked up an Xbox One from Amazon last week which makes a weird hard drive clicking noise, similar to the noise in the video below:

(If you want to get an impression of what this sounds like in reality, raise your speaker volume until you can easily hear it from a 4-5m distance)

Of course, this is not normal. I can tell this from the fact that my other Xbox One, which I got earlier this year, is absolutely quiet. So a returned the faulty console to Amazon and got a replacement unit, which arrived yesterday. Now guess what, it makes the exact same noise.

What I can tell so far:

  • The noise is the loudest when the console is idling
  • Whenever there is hard disk access, the noise goes away for a brief moment
  • When playing games, the noise disapperas completely from time to time (probably also due to hard disk access)
  • When playing videos or browsing apps, the noise is also very bad
  • Th noise is very loud, you can hear it from 4-5m away
  • Now this is probably the most important observation: In both cases the noise came only after installing the initial update, or at least some time during the installation took place, but it won’t go away now

What I tried so far to fix the issue myself (without luck):

  • Full power cycle
  • Unplugged the console for several hours
  • Factory reset

The reason I’m writing this: Considering the fact that this is the second console that has this issue, I’m worried about the third one having it as well. This can’t be state of the art because, as I already mentioned, my first Xbox One is super quiet and the noise is so loud it’s completely intolerable. Compared to the other Xbox One I got earlier this year, my old Xbox 360 slim is rather noisy, but nothing compared to those two faulty Xbox One consoles. In fact, even my first white Xbox 360 was rather quiet compared to those.

So I’d like to know:

  • How many of you are having the same issue?
  • What can be done so I can finally get a console that’s in perfect condition?
  • Can a Microsoft employee please confirm this is not state of the art?

My patience is about to be running out.

That is definitely a problem I don’t want to have! My heart goes out to these gamers for experiencing this frustrating situation. And I can only hope that this problem is fixed, seriously. As I read on, there is a more recent response from Misses Quinzel providing a verified answer to the problem, as well as trying to answer every question from users including a particular one by the name of WoodAx who says:

Hi, I’m French and I have the seem problem, with my advanced exchange xbox, noise is present even with the Kinect plug and is present only on the dashboard and some application. Anything for a game or a heavy apllication.

Misses Quinzel:

Hey, all! Again, my sincerest apologies to see so many affected. I can assure you that this was escalated to the proper teams and this information is coming from them.

I’d like to state again that WoodAx’s issue was a disc drive noise, not a dashboard noise. These 2 issues are different, and should not be confused for the same thing.

If you are experiencing the console noise on the dashboard, please try to return your console to the retailer you purchased it from. If this is not possible, or you already have and you’re still hearing the console noise, please do set up a repair through us. You can do so by using either the Online Service Center or by contacting support.

Now all we can hope is that everyone will get a new console without any problems and I can go on to purchase an Xbox One without frustration. But for now, just return your console to the retailer or setup an appointment with Xbox Support. Lets see if Xbox can come out of this and make everyone happy!

What do you think about this situation? How has the performance been in your eyes and will you continue to support them? Let me know in the comments below!

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