The Koalition Is Attending SGC 2014

What would you like for me to check out at this year's SGC?

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The ScrewAttack Gaming Convention (SGC) is happening this weekend in Dallas, TX. From July 11th to the 13th, the  g1 community and content creators will gather at the Sheraton hotel for a variety of activities while seeing what’s new with ScrewAttack. Of course, there will be plenty of games to check out, and I, living not too far from Dallas, will be there to check them out.

Last year, David Jagneaux and I split up and covered many of the indie games available at SGC. This year will be more of the same, except I will be taking on SGC 2014 solo. Don’t feel bad for me; I consider it part of my sworn duty as Senior Editor for The Koalition and proud member of the g1 community. Still, I am just a mere mortal man, and the list of indies is extensive. Just see for yourself:

  • ScrewAttack Games
  • Dallas Society of Play
  • WWFL Games
  • Fractal Fox
  • Wonderfling
  • Devolver Digital
  • The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
  • Minor Key Games
  • Nevernaut Games
  • Tuesday Society
  • Final Boss Entertainment
  • BlankMedia Games
  • Sivak
  • TRU FUN Entertainment
  • SmartCade
  • Binary Solo
  • Zanrai Interactive
  • Iris Studios
  • Triple.B.Titles
  • LazyCat Games
  • Cyckle
  • Team Kakumi
  • Shiny Loot
  • Frost B
  • Piko Interactive

So yeah, that’ s a lot to cover. However, since I’m feeling inspired by ScrewAttack’s community-driven efforts, I want to know if there is anything specific you would like for me to check out at SGC 2014. Be sure to let me know in the comments section, or you can tweet your suggestions to me.

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