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Due to my hectic schedule, I need to temporarily limit myself to two entries for the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry because I’ll make it up to you…somehow.

Welcome back to the 90s edition of The Koalition’s Kickstarter Weekly. Join us on our journey back to an era where all-things gaming were considered “rad” or “extreme!” With us today are two representatives that proudly pay homage to what’s considered the golden era of gaming. Timespinner is an amalgamation of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Mega Man X and Star Ocean. Midora, on the other hand, sticks with its SNES influences like Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Don’t have a cow, man! Check out these Kickstarter projects or else eat my shorts.


Project By: Lunar Ray Games

Goal: $50,000

Current Funds: $64,341

End: July 25, 2014

I realize that it might be more beneficial for you and the developers if I write about currently unfunded Kickstarter projects. I remember making that mistake in the first few issues of The Kickstarter Weekly, and I’ve since vowed to limit the number of funded projects I feature on this column. However, every now and then I run into an amazing looking game like Timespinner, and I feel guilty if I don’t’ write something about it.

A young woman named Lunais and her mother flee to the sanctuary in order to reverse time and save their family. Unfortunately, they are interrupted upon reaching the sanctuary, which results in Lunais’s mother being killed. Now, Lunais is set on revenge, and she plans on using her powers to manipulate time to her advantage on the evil, technologically advanced empire.

Timespinner claims to take the best from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Mega Man X, Star Ocean and other pixelated classics from the SNES and PlayStation eras. Based off the footage and screenshots, it shows! The narration, coupled with the orchestral soundtrack, denote the storytelling aspects of Star Ocean. Sections of the map and enemies look like they belong in a cleaner looking Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and the time mechanic seems like an ability Alucard would be jealous of. Speaking of the time mechanic, it provides plenty of opportunities for Lunais to solve platforming challenges similar to the ones found in Mega Man X. If you have interest in any, if not all, of these games, then Timespinner could be for you.

I apologize again for featuring a game that has already exceeded its funding goal with 18 days remaining. Still, Timespinner takes inspiration from a combination of games that I hold dear to my heart, so perhaps I shouldn’t feel sorry. Still, if there’s one thing that the developers will need your help is in getting the game to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita—that alone is worth writing about Timespinner.


Project By: Epic Mind Games

Goal: $60,000

Current Funds: $45,486

End: July 13, 2014

Timespinner took inspiration from some solid 90s classics of both the SNES and PlayStation era. However, perhaps the above games never appealed to you, and you’re just looking for a game that reminds you of a certain top-down adventure game. If you’re looking for a solid, Zelda-inspired game—particularly one based on A Link to the Past—then you don’t need to navigate any farther on Kickstarter’s website than its page for Midora.

Long ago, an ancient architect—unrelated to Ted Mosby—sculpted the world using the elements. The elements competed with each other for dominion over the land; however, they were sealed away when things became too violent. Years later, a young girl named Snow embarks on a simple quest, only to find herself caught up in the revival of the elements.

While Midora does not look drastically different from the Zelda series, it does borrow from some elements—no pun intended but at the same time I’m not deleting it—of the more interesting 2D Zelda games while borrowing some mechanics from Secret of Mana. The architecture looks like it comes straight from A Link to the Past, but it has the overall sleekness from The Minish Cap. Midora has 200 items and weapons to collect—the latter can be leveled up like in Secret of Mana. Snow also has her own abilities that help her stand out from her contemporaries. The Wind Fan can be used like the boomerang, but it also allows Snow to disarm her enemies. The Vine Whip can be used as a weapon, but it could also help her swing across ravines. Finally, Snow can manipulate water itself in a variety of death-dealing forms. Be like water indeed.

Again, Midora probably won’t wow anybody. Still, it takes from two of the best games on the SNES. There are plenty of areas to explore and items to create or collect. It also looks excellent despite the early footage. It might be worth getting to know Midora beyond its surface.

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