A Mean Looking Ken Masters is Coming to Street Fighter V

"Attack me if you dare! I will crush you!"

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During the SDCC Capcom Panel, the company revealed a new fighter making his way to Street Fighter V. It’s none other than Ken Masters, who has been with the franchise since the beginning. This isn’t the same old Ken we remember however.

As you can see, Ken is no longer just wearing a red gi. He has his own look now which is distinctive from Ryu’s. Ken was always the faster and most show-y shoto fighter and in SFV this aspect has been emphasized even more with his new, flashy combos and super moves.

Those on the SDCC show floor can get to play as Ken, along with all of the other announced SFV characters, in Capcom’s booth. If it’s anything like the Capcom booth at E3, expect there to be a huge crowd for the duration of the event.

Street Fighter V will be released on PC and PlayStation 4 in Spring of 2016. A beta will happen this summer on PlayStation 4 for those who pre-order the game.

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