Former Assassin’s Creed Boss Jade Raymond Joins EA to Work on Star Wars

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Former Ubisoft producer Jade Raymond has joined EA. She will lead a new studio called Motive. The studio will be based in Montreal, Canada and will work closely with the Bioware team there.

In a blog post, Jade Raymond revealed that Motive will be working on a number of upcoming projects, with one of them being Amy Hennig’s Star Wars game. This is the very same game that is being developed by Visceral, which Raymond is also said to be overseeing.

With Jade Raymond as a producer, and Amy Hennig as a creative director, EA has a deep talent pool for this long awaited Star Wars adventure. Jade Raymond herself said she was “thrilled” to be able to work with Hennig.

Jade Raymond was instrumental in making Assassin’s Creed the success that it is today, and Amy Hennig was a creative force behind the Uncharted games. Together I’m sure they’ll brew up something spectacular.

Jade Raymond left Ubisoft in October 2014 to “pursue new opportunities”. Perhaps she was scouted by EA months ago? Let us know your thoughts below.

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