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Games for Summer – Vault Crashing in Fallout 3

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Since summer sees fewer game releases, it is a great time to revisit titles from our backlog, or even try out new titles we may have missed initially. These are the Games for Summer.

If you’re anything like me, you spend your summers groaning at the weather forecast, and pressing your face on your patio door wondering why summer is always such a drought for games. But, if you’re willing to take a look back at your collection (or Steam backlog), and even be willing to wander the $14.99 and under bin at GameStop, you may be surprised in what you can find to keep you occupied and entertained for the rest of this dreadful, hot season.

Fortunately, we have a lot to prepare for this fall: Forza 6, Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, Just Cause 3, and most importantly [in my opinion] Fallout 4. And what better way to celebrate your big welcome home to Boston by making good (or destroying everything) in Washington D.C.? The third installment of the series, arguably the best to date, can provide you with over a hundred hours of gameplay, if you do most of the missions, discover most of the places, and all of the downloadable content. Trust me—my most recent playthrough of it this summer, I’ve done 86 hours and still have two more DLCs left.

Fallout 3 is something special, and has its own magical way of pulling you out of the real world, and plugging you into the vast Wastes. So take your pants off, put your air conditioner [or fan] on blast, and grab a controller. Playing Fallout 3 this year for the first time since 2009, I was surprised at how much more I enjoyed the game now than I did before. I loved the game at release, and when my brother bought me the Game of the Year edition for my birthday—but there was something about playing it again years later in preparation for Fallout 4 that made it even better. Knowing what to expect of the game, it gave me a lot of insight in what turns I really wanted my game to take.

I beat Butch’s stupid face in during the G.O.A.T, told him to stop being a wimp when his mom was trapped, shot Amata’s dad (without hesitation), and became pretty chill with Sarah Lyons. Sure, the game doesn’t hold up too well graphically, but if you really think about it, the game was pretty advanced for its time. The vast open world, different characters, situations and outcomes you could face almost seem more advanced than Mass Effect. Plus, seeing as how Fallout 3 was the poster child for the series, and Fallout 4 promises to improve and grow off of the game’s fundamentals, why not have fun and refresh your memory a bit?

Do you have a favorite Fallout game? Anything in Fallout 3 you want to make a return in 4? Sound off in the comments!

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