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Vega Gets Street Fighter V Reveal

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Everyone’s favorite masked Spaniard, Vega, has been revealed for Street Fighter V. He’s just as lightning fast as we remember him being since he was first seen in Street Fighter II.

I vividly remember my brother, his friends and I being grouped around a Super Nintendo, stuck on the Vega stage. We’d spent the better part of an hour trying to defeat him, and then my brother finally decided to let me have a shot. Being that I was six years old at the time, nobody expected me to get far with Vega, but I sure surprised them when I slaughtered him in the first round. Unfortunately, Vega kicked my ass in the remaining rounds, but I still got closer than my brother and his friend’s did.

Judging by the video released by Capcom, Vega will likely be just as annoying to fight as he was back then. Vega will retain his speed, but he now has a few new tricks up his sleeve. His V-Skill is called Matador Turn, which allows him to dodge and opponent’s incoming attack. He also has two counterattacks, one which will knock the opponent.

His V-Trigger is known as “Bloody Kiss” and it throws a rose at high velocity towards the opponent. Once it hits he charges behind it to slice and dice the opponent. The move can be initiated as an air attack when jumping forward, or from an “anti-air” crouch.

Hopefully we’ll see much more character reveals from this game this week. Let us know what you think of Vega in the meantime.

Street Fighter V will be released for the PC and PlayStation 4 in Spring 2016.

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