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Get to the mouth!

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As soon as I began playing GNOG at E3 2015 Indiecade, I instantly understood why an off-beat studio such as Double Fine Productions would support its venture. GNOG is unique in every respect and although it is inherently simplistic, it is complicated to say the least.

GNOG is an interactive puzzle game which is based off a series of levels that take place on different robot-like heads, we’ll call them “heads” for short. Each head is similar to a double-sided movie set and with one button, you are able to switch from front or back.

Only by twisting knobs, pulling switches and manipulating either side will you be able to complete the level. After everything has been completed and you have explored each side, the mouth of the head will be unlocked. Using either the right or left trigger, you may then drag the mouth open, enter it and begin the next level (or head).


The color palette in GNOG is gorgeous, with bright yellows, pastel reds and vivid aquas. Each head is also themed. The ones I played through included a nautical head, spaceship-like head and bedroom themed head.

Another amazing thing about GNOG is its background music. Soft, ambient tones hum in the background as pipes and fans pop and buzz in harmony. The ambiance is what makes this game extremely peaceful. Although some parts were tricky, I never felt too frustrated because the world is so simple, and I mean that in a good way.

I predict that GNOG will make a perfect addition to PlayStation 4’s already thriving indie library. One thing that I admire about my PlayStation 4 is that I am able to play titles such as GNOG, a game that wouldn’t necessarily make it in a market where triple-A games monopolize the industry.

Sometimes, when everything in life is stressing you out, it’s nice to play a simple game with light, enjoyable themes. GNOG accomplishes this with ease by never feeling too heavy, too complicated or too repetitive. That being said, I cannot wait to play GNOG in Spring 2016.

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