Armello Preview – Game of Thrones and Cute Bears

Let the strategy flow through you.

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Coming to PlayStation 4 September 2015 is the virtual tabletop game, Armello. Originally crowd funded with Kickstarter, the game has reached incredible heights in the online tabletop arena. The dev team mentioned that most tabletop gamers spend an average of 4 minutes playing Steam tabletop games. Steam gamers playing Armello on the other hand, are averaging about 1.4 hours per game.

The art style of Armello is medieval fable with its rich gold and regal textures. The world consists of strange creatures including lions, bunnies, bears, ravens and others. You will be able to choose your own playable creature in-game, all of which possess their own unique abilities. These creatures are capable of leveling up their skills as they progress as well.

The focus of the game is to acquire the throne. That being said, Armello contains numerous Game of Thrones references, such as the kings guard, the game for the throne and so forth. The king remains in the center and each player must navigate through out the land in an attempt to seize the throne from him.

Armello 3The major theme in Armello is corruption. All characters have the capability to transform into the virtual “sith lord” of the game. Once they reach maximum corruption, they will become the most powerful player on the board, which will require players to shift their concentrations towards unforeseen threats. The king and/or queen and their kings guard are not the only enemies to be weary of.

Players have the option to bribe guards as they are encountered on the map, adding to your total corruption. As you get further down the wire, players that were once allies will eventually be forced to turn on each other since only one can ultimately take the throne. Bounties can also be played on each individual character, allowing players to attack each other indirectly.

The environment of Armello also plays a major role in the way the game plays out. With full day and night cycles, surrounding enemies vary in-game. In addition, certain land areas are filled with dangerous side quests, which will require the player to act quickly and make important decisions.

ArmelloYou can approach Armello many different ways. You can either choose to play offensively, attacking whenever you have the opportunity or you can play it safe on the sidelines, observing the activity on the board. Players will have to develop a keen strategy while hiding their motives as they secretly make their way to the throne.

Armello can be as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. You can choose to utilize your signets, amulets and playable cards or you can simply move from place to place, performing basic actions. In this regard, Armello is playable for adults who want the full experience or children whom enjoy the simple step-by-step style of play.

If you are not a fan of strategic games, Armello is certainly not for you. Similar to most tabletop games, Armello requires concentration and strategy to win. All that being said, I enjoyed the game very much for its nerdy references, art style and thorough gameplay.

Look out for Armello in September, 2015.

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