It’s Official, Titanfall 2 is Coming to the PlayStation 4

The mech-tastic multiplayer game will now be available to a wider audience.

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Talking to IGN ahead of the BAFTA Game Awards, Respawn Entertainment founder and CEO Vince Zampella has confirmed what many (myself included) believed would happen: Titanfall 2 will be a multiplatform title.

The first Titanfall became an Xbox One and PC exclusive purely for business reasons. Respawn always intended for the series to be on multiple consoles but they had to go exclusive in order to move ahead with the project.

Since this news just hit, there isn’t much we know about Titanfall 2. It’s currently being worked on by a second team and they are experimenting and exploring new ideas. We can expect the game’s lore to be expanded, but Zampella said that the story elements can’t be too intrusive so the team is figuring out a good balance for it within the game.

As far as DLC goes, the team is inspired by what Evolve is doing with giving its community free maps. They want to see how to have different maps in the game which won’t split the user base between those who have them and those who don’t. Zampella won’t say that future DLCs will not include different maps in them, but they do want to try something different in this area.

Considering how the PlayStation 4 has twice as many users on it as the Xbox One, this announcement shouldn’t be at all surprising. The fact that EA is the developer also meant that this game was eventually coming to the PlayStation 4. Though the news isn’t surprising, it is significant since Microsoft has lost one of its biggest exclusives.

Source: IGN

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