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Klassik – “Hi Klass” [New Music]

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The Seasons EP is incoming around July 2015 and we have a cut from the AUTUMN portion to accompany the news. Here are some words from Klassik himself:

As another cycle of the artistic cycle comes full circle, much like the season itself, the AUTUMN phase concludes the creative journey for the artist. Warmer days are fewer and farther between, but in the days before we buckle down for the frost of WINTER again, the AUTUMN season allows for an introspective harvest of all of the vibrations and energy the creative has put forth across the past year. The end result is a warm, welcoming foundation of sounds that still carry the radiance of the SUMMER days just past, combined with a more frank and cool understanding that the upcoming cold grip of WINTER is not to be feared, but celebrated as the introduction to yet another period to grow and mature.

Admire and appreciate the beauty of the fall leaves, and gather your finest crops; a yield this high and rich will feed the souls of many.

The Milwaukee native has been on a tear as of late and I’m definitely looking forward to listening to all the seasons as a cohesive project. Are you familiar with Klassik’s work? You enjoy the track? Let us know in the comments below.

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