Konami Delists Itself from the New York Stock Exchange

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Konami isn’t having the best day. After finally confirming that the much anticipated Silent Hills game is dead, they also decided to voluntarily remove themselves from the New York Stock Exchange.

In a report filed to the SEC today, Konami notes that 99.71% of the company’s stock that was traded was done in either London or Japan. Shares can still be traded to the US via the over-the-counter market, and will still remain listed in the London and Tokyo Exchance.

While some may panic over this, the simple fact is that Konami was trading so low, it didn’t make much sense to keep itself on the NYSE. With just under 100% of stocks being traded taking place outside of the United States, it seemed like a no brainer for Konami to pull themselves. Konami did state that they will still share financial details and statements in English, although they don’t have to anymore.

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