Latest Forza 6 Motorsport Video Shows What it’s Like to Race in the Rain

Driiiiiiving in the raaaaaaaaaaain...

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Racing while it’s raining is something that most professional race car drivers agree is the most challenging thing to do. The team behind the upcoming Xbox One exclusive, Forza Motorsport 6, have gone to great lengths to replicate driving in these conditions as best as possible.

To get first hand knowledge of wet weather driving, Turn 10 enlisted the help of Josef Newgarden, who is an IndyCar driver. There were a lot of variables that the team needed to take into account when it came to driving in the rain. The game features 148 different types of terrain and each one reacts differently in the rain. Newgarden says that even million dollar racing simulators don’t have wet weather conditions and is impressed with how authentically Forza 6 was able to replicate them.

Forza 6 Motorsport will be available exclusively on Xbox One on September 15th.

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