PAX East – Why it’s STILL Awesome Being a Female in the Gaming Industry

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It was a random afternoon, in the winter of 2012, and an idea popped up into my head: I’ve never been on a panel before. Why not get some people together for one? But what would it be about? It has to be something important, right? It has to be. Wait.. How about: ‘Why it’s AWESOME to be a female in the gaming industry?’

So once I got the idea in my head, I hit up a few people on Twitter, and asked if they knew of any others that would want to join me. The panel consisted of Susan Arendt, Dianna Lora, Karen Rivera, Maylene Garcia, Sarah LeBoeuf, and myself. I won’t deny the fact that I was nervous (well, I think we all were), and when hundreds of people piled in the Condor Theater, my heart sank to the ground. I became afraid, and was ready to jump off stage and run out the door. Oddly enough, once the lights shined in our faces and I could only see the first two rows of people, the nerves settled.

The panel went really well. We laughed, we experienced feels, and we even got a standing ovation. Chills ran through me at the end, and I felt a feeling I had never felt before: Pride. I was proud of myself and the other lovely ladies at my side. We touched the hearts of many, and gave some people (both men and women alike) the confidence and morale booster they needed to chase their dreams. A guy even came up to me on the show floor and said, “I’ve been trying to help my girlfriend for a while, but because I’m a guy, I feel that I’d never understand. Your panel helped me understand, and helped her feel that there are people she can finally look up to.”

2014 was a very difficult and strange year in the gaming industry, and I don’t need to remind anyone why. But because of the events that occurred in 2014, it is important now more than ever to remind everyone why it’s still awesome to be a female in the gaming industry. It is more important now than ever to get together, ask questions, and make connections so we can continue to grow the sisterhood (and boys are allowed).

Join Dianna, Karen, Maylene, Sarah, myself and the fantastic Johnathan Gibbs this year on Sunday, March 8th at the Bobcat Theater at 1:00PM. All are welcome—teens, adults, girls, boys, whoever. We want everyone there, and we hope you want to be there too.

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