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QuESt boldly Declares for Roc Nation

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On, QuESt‘s own website, the artist dropped a post titled “Clearing The Air”. Considering the perceived sudden departure from VMG (revealed in the song “Decades”), many fans were left baffled and began to make assumptions as to why the artist parted ways with Logic and crew. Many were likely expecting (or even hoping for) some turbulent beef to arise from this split, but QuESt has finally let it be known that he branched out for creative reasons.

The true reason I left Visionary Music Group was because I felt I couldn’t focus on myself as an artist the way I wanted to. There were also creative differences between me & management, & I felt like it was time for me to branch out and be my own artist.

For an artist like QuESt, who so suddenly rose up the Hip Hop ladder, it comes as no surprise that he wants to branch out in order to maximize his potential. His label, Wise Up, is the new latest creative venture as he works to re-establish his online presence.

Right now, I’m working on releasing a few more visuals from my body of work Searching Sylvan. I’m in an effort to begin regrouping my presence online. When I left Visionary, all of my content online was wiped clean by them. Youtube videos, soundcloud mp3s, you name it.

QuESt also took it a step further and touched on his future ambition to join a specific label.

I’m at a point in my career where I am focused on building something special that will last forever. WiseUp is the movement, & the label. I have a few artists I believe in, that I am working on building as well. For myself personally, I believe i am right there. I’m on the cusp of a break through, & I’m not going to stop until I reach the very pinnacle of what i was set to do. The only label I want to sign with is Roc Nation. Thats my goal this year, & I’m sticking to it. Guys, just know there’s nothing wrong with following your heart & what you believe in. Even at the cost of disapproval. WiseUp

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