Star Wars Battlefront Supremacy Mode Revealed

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EA x DICE has put out some new details in regards to Star Wars Battlefront’s Supremacy mode. From close-quarter battle situations, to all-out clashes on huge maps with ground troops, vehicles, Heroes and Villains joining the fight, you’ll find the Supremacy mode in the latter category.

Supremacy centers on five control points scattered across the map. The objective is gaining control of all five, or the majority of them, before the 10 minute round is over. Each team starts the match controlling two of these control points, initially fighting for control of the fifth one in the center. After this is determined, the control points need to be claimed in a set order. This means the action will be taking place on two control points at a time – one for each team.

Almost all vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront will take part in the fight, so keep an eye on the sky for TIE fighters and X-wings soaring through the sky to assist the quest for supremacy at each location. Heroes and Villains will also join the fight, and their unique abilities will help both sides in different ways.

As for map size, Supremacy will offer the largest fighting grounds that Star Wars Battlefront has to offer; the vast maps, alongside the ability to capture key areas, may seem similar to DICE game fans.

Star Wars Battlefront releases across the galaxy November 17th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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