Steam Workshop Now Allows Users to Sell Their Mods

Users can monetize their mods.

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If you’re someone who is talented enough to create a successful mod for a video game, then it’s your lucky day! Valve is now allowing users to sell their mods, maps, and items for games for real money.

In an announcement earlier today, Valve was pleased to announce the new addition to the Workshop, citing it as a way to help enable content creators to continue making items and new experiences for the player:

The Steam Workshop has always been a great place for sharing mods, maps, and all kinds of items that you’ve created. Now it’s also a great place for selling those creations.

With a new, streamlined process for listing and selling your creations, the Steam Workshop now supports buying mods directly from the Workshop, to be immediately usable in game.

Discover the best new mods for your game and enable the creators to continue making new items and experiences.

While creators can still give away their mods for free if they choose, they can now monetize them, starting with a game that’s known for its countless mods: Skyrim. You can browse through some of the available items for sale now, but don’t worry, some of the more impressive stuff is still available for free.

This has the potential to be an exciting way for content creators to earn money for their work. On the flip side, this can easily follow the trend of DLC that we see over-saturating the market now. If you go through some of what’s for sale for Skyrim’s mods, a lot of it amounts to nothing more than cosmetic items for the player that were normally available for free. It’ll be interesting to see how many creators begin to monetize their mods or continue to just service the fans by giving it out for free.

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