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Super Dungeon Bros Preview – Bromance and Heavy Metal

Super Dungeon Bros, developed by React Games is a new dungeon crawling and brawling, bro adventure coming to PC, Steam, MAC, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 winter 2015.

The game is played by four different, heavy metal characters; Ozzie, Freddy, Axl and Lars. Aside from having rockstar inspired character names, the entire experience of Super Dungeon Bros is heavily rock inspired. The world of Super Dungeon Bros is known as Rock Heim, which in German means “House of Rock”. If you’re a fan of Brutual Legend and other silly rock video games, you will fall completely in love with Super Dungeon Bros.

The gameplay of Super Dungeon Bros is heavily reliant on four weapons classes which includes bows, hammers, sword and staffs. Each character is also unique in the sense that they have different personalities. While one bro is more of a lover, one is a maniac and one is brute. All of these unique metal heads make for an awesome, dungeon crawling team.


The playable dungeons in the game are in constant change, with new ones released daily and weekly from the development team. There are over 32 million dungeon variations, which makes the intense replay value for Super Dungeon Bros high, to say the least. Unfortunately players are not able to create their own dungeons, but are still capable of playing the regenerated ones as they drop on the daily.

The reoccurring theme of Super Dungeon Bros is bromance. Using the “bro tornado”, all four characters are able to stack on top of each other, creating a whirlwind effect. In addition, players are able to engage in “bro banter” as they play, using the left button on the d-pad. You will hear the bros say funny things such as “that’s what she said” and many other silly banter.

Overall, Super Dungeon Bros seems to be a simple, yet fun game. If you are looking for something easy and fun to play with your bros or sistahs, this game is for you. Look out for Super Dungeon Bros this winter!