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If you didn’t know how I got the name “Joe Hova”, I’ll tell that story here. I had this friend in middle school and high school, we called him LA. He was one of my best friends at school although we haven’t talked much since that time. We both had the same homeroom and locker’s next to each other throughout that time and one day LA found out I was a big Jay Z fan. He started calling me “Joe Hova” one day and did it for a while, not realizing it sounded a lot like “jehova”. Once he figured that out, he quit saying it.

Flash forward to after college. I was using “Prince Jay”, my on-air name during college radio, as the name of my site for indie hip-hop. Out of nowhere between the time I moved from my hometown to Augusta, GA, I remembered all of what I just told you and decided I would rebrand as “Joe Hova”.


I say that to say this: thank you, Shawn Corey Carter. Even though we know you look like you’re terrible at sports thanks to memes of you on Twitter, you’re easily one of the best to do this thing we call hip-hop. This list was hard to make and I originally started with 80+ songs. It was even harder to get that down to the 60-ish that make up this 4 hour playlist. Hit me in the comments and let me know your favorite Hov’ track as well.

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