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R.I.P. Pimp C

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“I’M STILL PIMP C BITCH” is how you should start off your day if you’re not feeling it. Chad Butler, one half of the legendary duo UGK, passed away eight years ago yesterday. Yes, the same day as Jay Z’s birthday. Pimp C would have been 42 on December 29th.

Many discredit the south when it comes to hip-hop but UGK were one of the first duo’s who were putting on below the Mason-Dixon line. Even while Pimp was incarcerated in the early 2000’s, his influence on artists was easy to see. Bun B waved the UGK flag higher and prouder than any moment while Pimp was in prison too. UGK was more of Pimp’s vision as opposed to Bun and it’s easy to hear it in the music.

(Juliva Beverly wrote the Pimp C book and stopped by my day job. Of course I got a copy and she signed it for me)

The beautiful thing about music is that when you pass, your legacy will forever live on. There have been two posthumous releases of Pimp’s work, one in 2010 and one this past week. I curated this playlist that’s a little over two hours of Pimp’s best work over the years. Hope you enjoy it. RIP Pimp C. UGK4Life

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