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10 Weird And Crazy Online Games

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When it comes to online games, developers have succeeded in creating various titles that appeal to various audiences. Some of the most creative ideas come from wacky concepts based on sports, pop culture, and TV shows.

To further illustrate this point, I decided to highlight ten titles that perfectly fit this description. So without further ado, here are 10 weird and wacky online games that you may get some enjoyment from.


HeadSmashing World Cup

For those who have always wanted to give Cristiano Ronaldo a wallop around the head or two, here is a fun little oddball that allows you to do just that, and even arms you on your quest. To be fair, this is not Ronaldo specific but he is always my top choice (with the hammer too).

Players can choose from Leo Messi, Frank Ribery as well as Portugal’s finest and race to bash their chosen star before their competitor does – just don’t hit the ref!


Mr Banana Grabber

Fans of US sitcom Arrested Development will surely recognize this spinoff game from the Bluth’s Banana Stand’s in-show character Mr. Banana Grabber. Based on the Character GOB’s own merchandising idea, this is a free fun take available on both mobile and online where, playing as Mr. BG, players use basic keys to navigate the hovering platforms on a Segway as a big banana, grabbing and lunging at other bananas with several jokes a plenty.


Handless Millionaire

Despite its total dedication to simple gross out fun, this game actually does work the nerves. There’s nothing to it, a bill is waved in front of your in-game hand and you simply reach across the screen to take it. There’s only one thing, to get the note you must reach through a guillotine, which is ever poised to chop at that arm of yours. As I mentioned, this is not a game of skill but absolutely a game of nerves.



Just like the Kent students who created a pre-election game/app where Nigel Farage gives incoming foreign folks the boot from the white cliffs, this app works in exactly the same way, except turning the tables completely on poor old Nigel. This time, he gets the boot as players aim to hit him hard enough that he too is gone from these shores.


Japan World Cup

No strangers to oddities, the Japanese brilliant eccentricity comes nicely to the boil in this kind-of Horse racing game. Things first take a turn for the bizarre when you find out it’s actually the jockeys who line up in the gates.

Weirder still, some of the horses have peculiar hairstyles, odd bodies, or perhaps aren’t even horses at all. The game is dripping with silliness like elephants, yetis, Trojan horses, or a barrel that uses human legs to pretend that he’s a horse even though he isn’t.


Goat Simulator

Who among us hasn’t spent the day dreaming of being a goat and doing goat type things all day long? Well, not me actually. But if you fancy yourself as a goat, then give the Goat Simulator a spin. Not that the pre-release buzz distributed by the developers would have inspired you or many others to after they dismissed their creation as “a small, broken, and stupid game.

It was made in a couple of weeks so don’t expect a game with the size and scope of GTA with goats. In fact, you’re better off not expecting anything at all actually. To be completely honest, it would be best if you’d spend your $10 on a hula hoop, a pile of bricks, or maybe a real life goat. Which makes you think, GTA with Goats, now there’s an idea.


Hoff Mania

It’s no surprise that this David Hasslehoff inspired slots game was dreamt up in Hoff-obsessed Austria and we’re really thankful it was too. From sporting his eighties haircut in eighties TV classic Night Rider to sporting his eighties haircut in nineties classic Baywatch, everyone everywhere loves the Hoff and if you happen to love slots too, then give this a whirl.

Played on 5 reels, you win when you land 3 matching symbols on 3 reels next to each other and best of all; Scatter symbols are played as little Golden David Hasselhoffs – immense. This is just one of literally hundreds of fun or crazily themed slots. Have a look at for more games, and info on the best places to play them online.


Madmen Racing

The main vibe players get playing Madmen Racing is not, surprisingly, Don Draper driving an all-American Dodge, but rather a game channeling that old Hanna-Barbera show Wacky Races. Choose from fifteen vehicles such as a carrot (driven by a rabbit), wheeled bathtub (driven by a lady) to a chariot controlled by a pharaoh, naturally. Like Mario Kart, each choice is better or worse in some performance stat than others that perform differently on the eighteen different circuits. This guarantees to be a fun experience from start to finish.


Donut vs Donut

If you or anyone you know is one of the dozens of good people who have fantasized about a donut war in which gangs of explosive fried sugary treats battle it out to be ruler of the donuts then this is the game for you.

This multiplayer game allows up to 4 players to participate in a donutian battle royale, where the last donut standing is the winner. This simple, yet sweet game will definitely keep you coming back for more.


Dig To China

This bizarre little number lets its user go to China, via the earth’s core. On your way down to the Far East, players must dig and get rid of all those pesky little blocks standing between you and your oriental goal.

On the way, collect coal, gold, bone, titanium, and other resources to buy bombs and upgrades. The bombs, just to be clear, are for block removal and not for a takeover of your eventual destination.

This concludes my list on 10 weird and crazy online games. Are any of you playing any of the titles I listed above? Please feel free to let me know in the comments section below.

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