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Former Konami President, Shinji Hirano, becomes president at Kojima Productions

It was just brought to my attention that Shinji Hirano, former president of Konami Europe has been listed as President of Kojima Productions for at least a month. After going on LinkedIn to update my own profile I noticed that Hirano had recently updated his current position as the President at Kojima Productions; with his start date being November 2016.

According to his work history, he last worked for Konami in March 2016 as a corporate officer. Considering his reputation at Konami, it’s quite surprising that this change occurred right under our noses. As well as being the president at Konami Europe, Shinji Hirano has also hosted Konami press conferences at E3.

Death Stranding Norman Reedus

It’s clear that Kojima Productions will now have the talent it needs to bring Kojima’s visions to the forefront, where they deserve to be. This may also be a little more telling on some of the complications that occurred at Konami previously. The team is currently working on Death Stranding, which has been shown at both E3 2016 and The Game Awards 2016.

Before making up your mind whether to play an online game or not, learning all of the information about it in advance is an absolute must.

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