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Papa’s Sushiria: Sushi Has Never Been this Much Fun

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The Papa Louie series is back and better than ever. Papa’s Sushiria is the newest—and greatest—game in the restaurant management franchise. It expands upon signature elements of previous titles, offering us a more comprehensive experience with maximum replay value.

Let’s start with the premise: you accidentally broke Papa Louie’s favorite statue, so now you must work for him. As the only employee in the restaurant, you will fulfill every role: cashier, chef, waiter, and decorator. You’ll even get to make key business decisions that affect Papa Louie’s profits. The main goal is to make as much money as possible, and that can only happen through hard work.

Fortunately, the work in this game is fun. The majority of your shifts will be spent at the cooking and building stations. There, you must channel your inner Jiro Ono. In Papa’s Sushiria, nothing is done for you. Every part of the food prep process must be completed manually, from spreading rice on nori to rolling up the finished product.

Papa's Sushiria

Papa’s Sushiria is capable of stocking 146 ingredients. During your first week on the job, you’ll only use a small portion of those items. Essential fillings include salmon, snow peas, and lobster. There’s also a mighty assortment of toppings, including bonito flakes, Saba, and sesame seeds. Don’t forget about the sauce, either. Hungry customers might request General Tso’s sauce, ginger miso dressing, or wasabi mayo. Evenly drizzle condiments over the sushi roll with a steady hand to earn the biggest tip.

Not every sushi chef is a tea expert. But at Papa’s Sushiria, the cook is also in charge of beverages. After preparing the sushi roll, the chef must fulfill the customer’s drink order. There are three elements in each drink: milk, tea flavor, and bubbles. Aside from selecting the correct ingredients (as noted on the order slip), you need quick reflexes to successfully operate the tea machine. Making tea is like a fun little mini-game at the end of each order.

Spending time outside of the restaurant can be just as much fun as working. The menus in this game are deep. There are countless options for customization, really fun extras, and valuable documentation. For instance, instead of playing as Max or Clover, you can make your own chef. There are dozens and dozens of different hairstyles for men and women, along with male facial hair options and bangs for females. Every part of the worker’s appearance is tweakable, from height, weight, and hair color to thousands of facial feature variations. And that’s not even including the plethora of unlockable outfits and accessories.

After working at the restaurant, the mystical Foodini will appear. He offers a different mini-game challenge for each day of the week. These adventures, such as Home Run Derby and Papa’s Raceway, are completely separate from the restaurant experience. Foodini rewards all winners with brand-new items and bonuses.

Papa’s Sushiria is much more than a game about sushi. It’s packed with extra features and mini-games that result in a highly entertaining experience. Start chopping on Poki, and you won’t regret it!

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