Happy Valentine’s Day to the Most Romantic Character Ever, Mario

True love is blind even in the face of a fire-breathing turtle.

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Valentine’s Day, the one time a year where partners come together to express their love for each other (screw the other 364 days). It’s a time where we are truly appreciative of that person who loves us through thick and thin, sickness and health, arguments, and threats of violence.

However, there’s one man who is never truly appreciated by his significant other; a man who risks life and death constantly to save his true love: Mario.

Running leaps and bounds through castles, swimming through oceans, sand dunes, and lava castles, I salute the one man who literally fought day and night to get out of the friendzone. While it doesn’t look like he’ll ever escape that zone, he will never give up on his love. Isn’t that what love is all about?


While on the surface Mario and Peach’s relationship in the Super Mario Bros. series is not screaming “this is a romance story,” it follows an average plumber who drops everything for the princess. What could possibly drive this man, if it’s not love?

His blind love is unwavering, even when after all his hard work he only receives a thank you in the form of a kiss on the cheek or nose. There was that one occasion where the Princess decided to actually do something for Mario, which was to bake him a cake.

Whether the Princess was truly stupid enough to be kidnapped multiple times or wasn’t brave enough to tell Mario she actually wanted to Koopa the King, he was always there for her. Damn Luigi.

And for that, Mario is all 64 stars of Valentine’s Day goodness, earning him the true status of being the king of Valetine’s Day and the real MVP of my heart.

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