Her Story: Skewed Truth

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Her Story can only be explained by experiencing it yourself. To put it simply, you are tasked with logging into a simulated computer database full of interrogation footage. The clips reveal snippets of several interviews with a woman who is romantically involved with the missing man, Simon.

By inputting keywords into the search engine, different clips will appear for you to analyze. For example: if you search the word ‘Simon’, clips where his name is mentioned will populate. After watching the segmented interviews, you can label them, arrange them chronologically and allow the story to reveal itself to you.

Her story
The plot behind Her Story is what makes playing the game such a unique experience. Although very far from reality, you take the role of a detective, piecing together a strange and enticing mystery. If you are a fan of true crime or anything forensic related, you may find this attribute to be very enjoyable.

Diving deeper into anything more about Her Story would take away from it. The revealed plot will draw you in and you will be left wishing you had more cases to observe with a similar playing style. Although it is a short, two hour max experience, Her Story is worth experiencing for yourself.

You can find Her Story on Steam and on sale at HumbleBundle for $3.49.


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