Nat Anglin Reps Boston In L.A. In His “Shhh! (Can I)” Video [Music Video]

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Nat Anglin isn’t a name you’ve heard much but it should ring in your ears after this. The Boston native moved to Los Angeles, or Bos Angeles as him and his crew call it, nearly a year ago in order to take his career to the next level. Since then Nat has been working on his The Bos Angeles project and hopes to drop that in 2016.

“Shhh! (Can I)” is the first release from his upcoming EP, an ode not only to his Boston roots but also to repping his hometown while he’s living it up in L.A. with his friends. The video shows the former teacher riding around while rapping out of the sunroof of an Escalade and kicking it on a beautiful day at the beach before making his way to Staples Center.

If you’re digging the Ramzi Noble produced cut, you can download it here. Look for more from Nat to come in these next few months as well.

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