Naughty Dog— ‘There is a Lot of Sadness Saying Goodbye to Uncharted’

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Naughty Dog has completed the development on the fourth and final Uncharted game, and some developers who have been part of the franchise since the beginning are finding it hard to say goodbye.

“It kind of varies throughout the studio,” lead designer Ricky Cambier told MCVUK. “I came on-board with Uncharted 3, so for me it’s an honour to be part of the team that is sending this guy off. It is actually a bit of a celebration.

“But for other people that have been with him since the inception, there is a lot of sadness. There is a lot of being with him for ten years. Bruce Staley, the Game Director who started as an art director on Uncharted 1, was working on this last sequence and we were basically sketching in what was effectively Nathan Drake’s final big jump.”

“And he was getting a little emotional because that is such an iconic Nathan Drake moment, and here was his last one.”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End releases worldwide on May 10th for the PlayStation 4.

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