Onimusha Revival in Discussion; Deep Down Still Alive? More News! | Games of Our Lives — 2.8.16

/// EPISODE 155

Below are the news stories that may not have made the headlines today but are worth reading!

Gamers never die…..

Just like the Games of Our Lives…


►Street Fighter V
►Deep Down
►Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus
►Dark Souls III
►The Binding of Isaac
►Dark Souls III

/// After 13 Years, GameTrailers is Closing Down Today!

After 13 years, GameTrailers is closing down today.

When GameTrailers was founded in 2002, internet video was a revolutionary concept. YouTube wouldn’t be founded for another three years; consumer live streaming was nine years away. Back then, online game journalism was still dominated by text articles and static imagery. The most prestigious coverage still happened in print. If you wanted to watch a show about video games, you had to watch it on a special TV station that had 10 shows.

GameTrailers helped change all that. Today, game journalism is dominated by video: trailers, live gameplay, Let’s Plays, and news shows. Now there are millions of hours of content available at any time on your PC, your game console, your TV, and your phone.

We’re proud we helped bring this world into being. That is the legacy of GameTrailers. We’re grateful to all of our fans who helped make us successful. Thank you for your continued support over the years. It has been an adventure. | Source
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/// Street Fighter V | F.A.N.G. Character Introduction Trailer!

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/// It Seems Deep Down is Still Alive, as Stated by New Trademark Extension!

| Source
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/// Shiren the Wanderer 5 Plus Coming to North America on July 26!

For those unfamiliar with the series, players assume the role of Shiren, a seasoned wanderer, whose most trusted companion happens to be a talking weasel named Koppa. If fact, here to give us the lowdown on what to expect in this latest installment are none other than Shiren and his trusty sidekick Koppa! However, seeing as how Shiren wanders the lands as a silent protagonist, Koppa has helped fill us in on the nitty gritty of their latest adventure.

As Koppa tells it, The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate is an enhanced and expanded update of Shiren The Wanderer 5, which was previously available only in Japan. Part of the longstanding Mystery Dungeon series, TTOFATDOF (as it is so eloquently abbreviated) looks to continue the tradition of rogue-like RPGs by offering players a gaggle of dungeons and monsters to conquer. | Source
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/// Onimusha Revival Discussions ‘Happening at High Levels’ at Capcom!

A possible revival for the game has been mentioned once or twice in recent years, but Capcom have not shown any hunger to revisit Onimusha.

So when provided with an opportunity to interview Capcom legend Yoshinori Ono – a man who worked extensively on the Onimusha series – Daily Star Online asked if there was any headway on bringing the beloved game back into the fold at Capcom for a next-gen reboot.

“Capcom as a company know we have many brands, IP’s and series that are beloved by players around the world and we always have fans asking us, when is this or that game coming back,” Explained Ono.

“I’ve spoken internally with people who made Onimusha with me originally and talked about maybe how interesting it would be to revisit that series. But fans should know that we’re not further down that road than the discussion phase.”

“Right now, I’m so focussed on Street Fighter V that I’m not really in a position to start that same level of battle that I had getting Street Fighter IV made. All I can do for now is reassure fans that conversations are happening at high levels.”

“We realise the need for different series to maybe come back into the forefront and although there’s nothing to talk about right now, I’m sure in the future there will be news on variety of series that will keep the fans happy.”

“Fan’s favourites are going to come back.”

| Source

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/// Dark Souls III Opening Cinematic ‘To The Kingdom of Lothric’!

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/// Hitman Beta Launch Trailer!

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/// Blizzard Thanks Players for 25 Glorious Years!

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/// PS5 Will Be About “Far More Interactive Worlds,” Says Three Fields CTO

n an interview with Edge about the physics-based Dangerous Golf, Paul Ross, Three Fields Entertainment Chief Technical Officer and former Criterion Technology Director, looked ahead to what the PlayStation 5 might bring to the table.

After mentioning how physics engines “haven’t changed” since he worked on TrickStyle for Dreamcast, and that simulating physics at a molecular level has “been a really hard problem to solve for quite a while,” Ross talked about the next PlayStation:

So what does a PS5 game look like? With PS4 we’ve seen some fidelity put into the worlds, but PS5’s going to be about more dynamic worlds, far more interactive worlds that are more believable in the way they behave.

Going a little further back, Shuhei said in April 2014 that developers will ultimately determine the need for a PS5:

It’s really up to the game creators. If they still feel that we need more machine power – ‘We want to realize this and that and that, but we cannot do [it] with PS4′ – if that’s the case, there’s a good reason to have PS5, so that developers can create their vision. So, we’ll see.

| Source
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/// Visage | Kickstarter Alpha Gameplay – Extended Trailer!

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/// Apple Rejects The Binding of Isaac App Store submission!

/// You’ve Now Reached the End of Games of Our Lives

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