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Celebrate One Year of HITMAN with This By the Numbers Infographic

It has been a long journey, but it’s been one full year of killing, sneaking, and disguising as Agent 47.
To celebrate the occasion, Square Enix has released an infographic showcasing the monumental numbers gathered from HITMAN players around the world.
The infographic includes stats after 6 episodes, 7 destinations, 22 Elusive Targets, 44 Escalation Contracts, 4 Challenge Packs, over 100 Featured Contracts, 3 Bonus Missions, and the Holiday Hoarders surprise.
In addition to this, there have been a few changes made to Contracts mode. There is a search and share system plus there are now tags so you can quickly select the type of contract you want to play – so if you love Sapienza and sniper rifles, then you can quickly find a Contract to your liking and with over 250,000 Contracts available to play today.
Check out the infographic below.