iGaming Is Getting The eSports Treatment: Slot Tournaments Are Adding New Dimension To Popular Genre

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Video slots have seen online casinos attract a generation of gaming fans in recent years, and it’s perhaps no surprise that there are now more and more slots tournaments popping up across the internet. In the same way that the element of competition has seen the birth of and incredible success of eSports with tournaments attracting huge prizes and packed out stadiums. Interestingly, video slots are now following suit. As well as being hosted at land-based casinos around the world, some of the web’s most respected online casinos are now putting on video slot tournaments.

With Microgaming and other industry leaders producing a steady stream of innovative video slots, often based on some of popular culture’s most iconic franchises, the growth of tournaments has added a thrilling new twist. Different to regular slots play, most tournaments require an entry fee which is then added to the prize pool, later divided between the winners and the house. Playing some of the most popular video slots online, such as the consistently brilliant Mega Moolah, competitors can choose between two types of tournament, scheduled and sit-and-go.

Scheduled Tournaments: A scheduled slots tournament requires registration prior to the event and then competing within a set time period. When all the players have completed their time limit, each player’s credits or points are tallied up and then a winner named, with prizes usually awarded to both the winner and a group of runner ups. These online slots tournaments can attract up to 100 entrants, which is therefore reflected in some sizeable jackpots and prize pools.

Sit-and-Go Tournaments: Unlike scheduled tournaments, sit-and-go video slot events started when a pre-determined number of competitors have registered. A winner is named when a specified time period is up, with players able to go up against different opponents and leave whenever they like. Going up one-on-one adds a more personal feel to a competition, pitting your wits against another player and seeing who comes out on top – similar to heads-up poker, which is often how events such as the World Series of Poker are decided


There are a number of benefits to playing video slots. If you’ve learned how to play a particular slot game really well, put this to the ultimate test and see how well you match up against other players as well as the video slot game and win attempt to win some big jackpots.

While scheduled tournaments are held at specific times in the day, sit-and-go video slot competitions are available at any time, allowing you to jump online whenever you want and challenge yourself in a one-on-one battle.

Another real attraction of tournaments is that it allows a player the chance to enjoy a lot of fast-paced action for the price of an entry fee rather than paying as they play. Once a player has paid the entry fee, a set number of credits are awarded, which can then be used throughout the length of the tournament. 

If you’re considering entering one of these tournaments, make sure to read the rules carefully, look up your options and choose wisely. Good luck!

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