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Let Them Come Hands-On Preview – Alien Annihilation

For the last several decades, science fiction themed films involving both peaceful and hostile interactions between aliens and humans have bled over into other entertainment mediums and become the norm. Most of these films inspired many of the outstanding video games that we play today and this is a trend that remains intact with Tuatara Games upcoming title Let Them Come.

Let Them Come could be best described as a fast-paced 16-bit pixel shooter that takes inspirational cues from a combination of late 1980’s action movie themes and retro games like Metal Slug and Doom. Players jump into the role of Rock Gunar, a mercenary for hire and the final surviving member of a space exploration mission gone wrong. For the most part, Gunar is left to his defenses and remains propped up behind a machine gun as he shoots down endless waves of dangerous alien creatures as they approach him. Let Them Come was created by Klemen Lozar and is scheduled to launch on PC and mobile devices later this year.

Mowing down aliens is an absolute blast.

On the surface, Let Them Come may appear to be a simple trigger-happy shooter but the core aesthetics of the overall gameplay experience are quite challenging to master. As players sit casually on one end of the screen firing away at oncoming creatures, hordes tend to get bigger and faster. I noticed a diverse lineup of 14 different alien variation types including bosses that are equally creative and difficult to beat. In addition to using the standard machine gun, you do gain access to various types of grenades, secondary weapons such as throwing knives, specialized ammunition, and upgrades ranging from weapon mod configurations to enhanced body armor and rapid-fire capabilities. These features are well laid out and one of many reasons why I enjoyed my 30+ minute hands-on session with the game.

Another satisfying aspect about Let Them Come lies within the cool hard rock soundtrack that you can listen to while annihilating aliens. Most of this music stems from compositions created by popular bands but remains original to a certain extent. There were only a handful of tracks available for the preview build, but you do have an option to choose which song suits you best before playing. Sound usually is meant to evoke a strong sense of tone and emotion while keeping you fully immersed in the action and I’m happy to say that this game succeeds in doing just that.

Bosses provide even more challenges as you get deeper into the game.

Graphically, Let them Come is a two-dimensional pixel art showcase. The simple but effective look of Gunar and the aliens works well enough to convey a unique style and substance. Truth be told, even if you aren’t typically a fan of titles that look like this, the level of fun achieved from actually playing the game may surprise you. I definitely would encourage anyone with an interest in the game to try it out before judging it.

Let Them Come is shaping up to be a fun indie title that’s certainly worth checking out. For more info on the game, please feel free to visit their website right here. Let them Come arrives on PC, iOS and Android devices this Spring with PS4 and Xbox One console versions expected sometime in the future. Below are a few more screenshots to further illustrate the look and feel of this addictive shooter.

Are any of you planning on checking out Let Them Come? Please feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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