Shoot the Fruit in Addictive Mini Game – Pineapple Pen

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Our Koalition executive editor Tony Polanco is on record in saying he doesn’t enjoy pineapples. Well for that very reason we think he would love to play Pineapple Pen.

In this fun mini-game developed by Ketchapp Games, you’re given a pen which you must throw like a dart using your left mouse button. Your target? A bunch of animated fruits that sway from left to right.

It’s a simple concept but once you start to play, you’ll find it hard to stop. We predict that you’ll flop the first few times and completely miss your pineapple (or apple) targets. With some short practice however, you’ll begin racking up some high scores for yourself. The more you lose, the more you’ll want to continue to beat your last high score. Pineapple Pen has all the markings of a superb and addictive mini-game.

Don’t get too confident though, because Mr. Pineapple and Mr. Apple will try to outsmart you by appearing in different variations. Sometimes you may have both Mr. Apple and Mr. Pineapple to shoot at once, or you may get Mr. Apple in a suit of armor that you must shoot 3 times in a row in order to eliminate.

You’ll never know what kind of target you’ll get next. The unpredictability mixed with the increase in game speed will put pressure on you as you rack up scores.

We suggest you head over to Poki to try the game for yourselves and then share your high scores with us. My personal high score is 34. Let’s see if you can beat it.

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