VR Casino and Gambling: Pros and Cons

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Some years ago, many people shifted from land-based casino to online casinos because of the comfort and other benefits. However, some believe that online casino is very limiting. Their reasons are because players cannot chat with one another and the glamor in a land casino isn’t available. Despite these reasons, online casinos still have some features like Best Fraud detection, security and other fantastic features which you can find in Red Stag review. To save the day, Virtual Reality Casino was designed to serve as an alternative to a Land-based casino. Virtual Reality offers a lifelike experience, i.e., it recreates the experience at the land-based casino. It has sections for players to communicate with one another and the dealers. It also has an interactive multiplayer option among others.

How Good Is the Virtual Reality Gambling?

You could say it is too early to discuss the pros and cons of VR gambling being the fact that it is just an infant in the iGaming industry. However, it is very important to discuss these to educate people on the merits attached to the game. To aid people’s decision whether to go for VR gaming or not, we will discuss the merits and demerits of the game.

Pros of VR Gambling

VR Casino uses a technology which is more advanced compared to others. This makes it beat land-based casino in terms technological advancement and not user population. The following are what makes VR casino better:

  • Immersion

Virtual Gaming aims to immerse the player in the gaming environment. Once you put the VR gadgets on, you will step into another world entirely. You will become part of the game while playing it. Apart from this, it has other features to make you enjoy this game better than when you play it on PC or mobile devices.

  • A Mind Challenge

It is not every VR game that fits into this. However, a good number of them is all about the players’ intelligence. Many VR games can only be won by someone with a very creative mind. Though, other forms of casinos could challenge your creativity. However, the creativity needed for this type of game is quite different. Practically, the game will challenge you to reason deeper than before.

  • Real-time Experience

One thing that set VR aside is the opportunity to have a real-time experience. The experience gotten from VR gambling tend to stick into human’s brain. People tend to think of the moment they played such games especially if the game is very interesting. Games that tend to stick into brains are those which involve climbing and jumping.

Disadvantages of VR

Practically, there is no creation without a downside. In this case, the following are the downside of this beautiful creation:

  • Expensive

People run away from Virtual Reality Gaming because of the price tag. It is not everyone that can afford to pay between $400 to $700 for the Virtual Reality Headset alone. Other gadgets that would be used with it also cost some hundred bucks. In short, you could spend more than a thousand dollars to buy VR gaming devices. In addition to this, the versions that are currently being produced seem to be more expensive than the previous versions.

  • Discomfort and Simulation Sickness

Another thing that serves as a big challenge is the discomfort and simulation sickness that people have to deal with. VR game is known to be addicting, and this means that many people will wear the Virtual Reality gadgets for long. Apart from this, one could have mismatched feelings especially when you are in the Virtual World. However, the CEO of VR2Go said this happens only when the VR is not well designed but could this be true?

  • Social Political Factors

Virtual Casino has been facing so many difficulties especially in the areas of license, privacy issue and so on. Most governments fear that if Virtual Reality is fully licensed, people might not play it responsibly.  As a result of this, most VR casinos are constrained legally. An example is Slots Million which is compelled by the Malta Licensing authority to include a clock into its Virtual Game to prevent the players from losing themselves in the game.

  • More or Less a Fantasy

The big guns in the iGaming industry confirmed that VR gaming is more of fantasy at the VR/AR Gambling conference which was held in April. Many confirmed that there was no business in VR gaming yet, but it has a bright future. Some of them have also shown their full support for VR and has believed in it right from day one. However, for now, the general stakeholders in the iGaming industry believes that VR is in the early stage and the business prospect is not that high.

VR – Any Prospect?

Despite the fact that VR gambling is in its early stage, it still has some edge over the land-based casino. I believe that once it advances in age, it will beat the land-based Casino hands down and most of its challenges will disappear. Despite the challenges it is faced, it is projected to reach over $50 billion by 2021. Would you be part of those who will make this happen?

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