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Yassuo Crowned the Amazon Champion of Fire,Taking Home Share of $50,000 Prizepool

Over the weekend, Amazon hosted Champions of Fire in New York City, a high-profile tournament for casual mobile games designed to make competitive gaming more accessible to a wider audience. The event featured 12 of the world’s most popular gaming celebrities, facing off in 10 of the top casual mobile games for a share of $50,000. After a thrilling best of 11 final, Yassuo was crowned the Champion of Fire, besting Hafu 6-4 and walking away with $10,000.

In addition, a series of charity matches were hosted, placing Hafu against R3hab in Beat Fever, Hafu against Mario Ho in Dancing Line and Gassy Mexican against Ali Nejad in Beach Buggy Racing. Donations went to the following causes:

  • St. Mary’s Center: $750

  • American Red Cross: $500

  • Paws for a Cause: $250

Champions of Fire differs from other competitive gaming tournaments thanks in part to its focus on casual mobile games and the people who play them. With a shorter learning curve, casual game tournaments are fun to watch as viewers can understand the action almost instantly. The tournament appeals to a diverse group of core and casual mobile players by combining top gamers with some of the most popular mobile games worldwide.

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