5 Lessons Parents Can Learn While Playing Fortnite with Their Kids

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Fortnite is now the most played battle royale game of the year. Its popularity owes much to its accessibility (it’s free-to-play) and charming gameplay. The fact that the developers also listen to their player base, and provide rather frequent content updates also makes the game a fan favorite. Each update brings a fresh wave of novelty and depth to the game. Fortnite items and skins also add to its charm.

It’s no wonder why kids love to play it. What’s even better is that parents can play with them! Here are 5 things parents can learn while playing Fortnite.

Reinforce the Value of Teamwork

The importance of teamwork is one of the most fundamental lessons that parents need to impart upon their kids. In school and the workplace, it’s an essential component for projects and ambitious events. PlayingFortnite can impress this fact upon kids and can teach them how to work together with others.

Adding to this is the next lesson: communication.

Value of Communication

For any group to have any kind of cohesive cooperation, communication is key. The best strategies and traps are laid by the best idea-generators and communicators. They can lay out the plan in a clear and concise way, and assign everybody roles.

Of course, real communication goes both ways, so they must also be able to listen to the suggestions of the team. Only then can the plan be refined and made better. The game can help on both counts. Many types of people play Fortnite, and playing with them can train the skill. It’s especially true if you’re playing with someone miles away.

Improve Focus

For many hobbyists, they sometimes achieve ‘flow’. It’s a state of being so immersed in their activity that every action becomes subconscious. For gamers, it’s like everything in-game goes their way. Headshots always land. Their killstreak beat their last best. They dodge every blow. It’s like a runner’s high, with an extra feedback loop. The better you do, the happier you get. The happier you get, the better you do.

However, it’s not often people get into this state. Frustration is a common distraction factor in playing games, as well as in other activities. Through playing Fortnite, anyone can train the ability to focus beyond what they feel. Anger, frustration, distractions, all of these fade through focusing on what should be done. Parents may have this in spades, but a refresher is good too.

Foster Creativity

One unique aspect of Fortnite is the ability to build. Originally used to build forts for the ‘Save the World’ mode, it serves a slightly different purpose in a battle royale. That’s where creativity comes in. You just need to look at that ‘insta-Fort’ update where players used the structure in ways other than the developer intended. Similarly, any structure can be exploited in many ways. Those sky forts can crumble with one well-placed tile destruction. Mazes are good for ambushing and being ambushed. The possibilities are endless. The game can teach parents to think outside the box.

Encourage Quality Time

Last and not the least, is the lesson that spending time with their child on Fortnite is way better than trying to get them to stop playing altogether. The saying doesn’t go ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ for nothing. It’s a great bonding experience, as humans bond with shared experiences. Fortnite is a good source of that. Anything from close shaves and victories to hijinks and funny events can happen in a match.

However, instill discipline to keep a time limit on playing, because too much of anything at all can also bad. Keep everything in moderation. Be a good role model and keep the playtimes within an appropriate limit. Also, keep in mind that there are all kinds of people playing the game. Be safe and don’t let the trolls ruin you and your kid’s fun.

Sure, there are things that parents have learned before. Thing is, people tend to forget things as they grow up, so this kind of refresher could be a welcome change. Remember, a person stops growing once they think they know everything and stop learning or trying to learn.

Go forth and spend time with your kids… on Fortnite!

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