Online Gambling Legislation Around The World

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The popularity of online gambling has grown rapidly over the years. Many people use gambling websites at home on their laptops or even when they are on the go, using their mobile phones or tablets. People have also been using scratch cards. Although you may enjoy using these sites and have even read up about their legitimacy, something you may not have considered is that they are not legal worldwide. Each country has its own legislation when it comes to online gambling and it is important to know all about the rules when you are making use of these websites. It can be very easy to get caught up in the fun of online casino games without thinking about the many risks involved. For this reason, we are going to take a look at the most interesting gambling legislation all over the world.  

Online Gambling in the United Kingdom

The rules for online gambling in the UK are straightforward. The websites used are perfectly legal, as long as they follow certain guidelines in order to gain a license. In 2005, the Gambling Act was passed to protect people who are underage and to ensure that gambling in the UK is always fair and legal. Operators need to make sure that all players are over 18 and they often do this by asking for some sort of ID when it comes to actually depositing money or trying to withdraw your winnings. If you’re a player in the UK, it is important to check that the website that you are using is licensed to ensure that your winnings and deposits are protected.

Online Gambling in Germany

When it comes to the rules in Germany, the legislation is a bit tighter than the UK. In Germany, it is illegal to use the internet to host an online gambling website. This is not great for those in Germany who want to create a gaming site as they definitely cannot do so when in Germany.

There is, however, better news for people in Germany who simply want to play games. When it comes to accessing gambling websites that are hosted outside of Germany, the law does not strictly forbid this from happening. This means that German people can use websites like Automatenspielex to play some of their popular games like which is a registered site.

It is important to remember that you should only use websites that are registered and are legitimate. Using websites outside of your country can remove the legal protection and could leave you without your winnings.

Online Gambling in the USA

The use of online casinos in the USA tends to be a bit more complicated in regard to legislation. The USA does not have any strict laws against using these websites as a whole, but leave it to the individual states to decide what they want to do. You’ll find states like New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada all allowing for online gambling to take place. Because of the vast amount of laws in place depending on the state, it is important to check if your state allows this or not.

Online Gambling in Russia

In Russia, the concept of online casinos and the rules surrounding them are taken a lot more seriously. In 2012, the supreme court of Russia made online gambling illegal as well as prohibiting internet service providers from allowing people to access these websites. This is very interesting, and it is important to note that you may be charged a fine if you access an online gambling website in Russia. Although people are able to access these websites, it is important to be careful as Russia is continuing to clamp down on their gambling regulations and you don’t want to get in trouble.

Online Gambling in Australia

Online gambling in Australia is perfectly legal for people who live there. The laws, however, tend to be stricter for people who are planning on providing casino games through the internet in Australia. The government claim that these laws are in place to protect the Australian citizens from any of the dangers of online gambling. For this reason, it is possible to place bets on host websites that are outside of Australia and offer wagers in Australian Dollars.  

Online Gambling in China

The strictest gambling regulations that we are going to talk about in this article come from mainland China. Not only is online gambling illegal, but so is offline gambling and both offenses are punishable by fine or imprisonment. When it comes to gambling in China, the closest legal thing that they have is the national lottery.

Unfortunately for the Chinese government, the population of China is massive. This means that many people still try to access these sites that are hosted outside of China. Because of this, China has one of the biggest gambling markets in the world. The Chinese government is well known for making it seem like they are tougher on casual gamblers than they actually are, sensationalizing the figures in the media to make people think that the consequences are higher. If you are going to game in China, we still recommend that you act with caution.


Overall, it is very interesting to see that the laws around the world are all so different when it comes to online gambling legislation. If you are going to access an online casino in a country that we have not given details on, then we recommend that you do some further research. It is important to ensure that you are not doing something that is illegal. The good news is that in most countries, the law is enforced more on the people actually hosting the gambling websites, rather than those who are accessing them. This means that you can still place your bets on websites that you can access that are outside of your country. We do advise you to look carefully at the credentials of these websites just in case they are not legitimate. Make sure to play carefully and responsibly to ensure you win as much as possible.

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