Top Betting Sites That Accept Bitcoin Deposits

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Bitcoin has provided punters with an alternative way of making deposits and withdrawals. You don’t have to use traditional cash to bet for your favorite team, rather you can use this virtual currency. Fortunately, most online betting sites have integrated bitcoin as a means to make withdrawals and deposits.

To encourage more clients to use bitcoin, they offer promotions and other rewards. The main reason behind this push is the extent to which bitcoin saves them money. Bettors also benefit since there is no third party involved in the process. The transaction is often fast and involves little to no charges. Below is a list of top betting companies that accept bitcoin.

  1.    Bovada

It accepted bitcoin transactions since May 2016. To obtain the Bovada’s wallet address, you need to navigate to the deposit page. The next step would be to launch your client wallet by inputting the alphanumeric string or scan the QR code of the wallet using your smartphone.

The minimum deposit is $20 while the maximum deposit is $5,000. The minimum withdrawal is $20 while the maximum withdrawal is $9,500. The punter does not incur any deposit or withdrawal charges. The transaction time is reduced significantly on this site since the process is instantaneous.

  1.    5Dimes

It is one of the leading online betting sites in the world. Therefore it adopted the new wave in the currency world. Since November 2014, punters have been able to make deposits and withdrawals using bitcoin. The whole process is straightforward. All you need to do is obtain the 5Dime wallet address from the deposit page, then open your bitcoin wallet and input the address.

5Dimes accepts a minimum deposit equivalent of $25 and a maximum deposit of up to $10,000 worth of Bitcoin. Since punters cannot place their wagers in Bitcoin, the deposits are converted into their dollar equivalent. Unlike Bovada, the wait time is around 40 minutes. This time adds to the integrity of the transaction. The transaction attracts no fees at all.

  1.    Bet365

Even though not straightforward, you can transfer funds from your bitcoin wallet to your bet365 wallet. A sports betting review showed that the bet365 mobile application enables bettors to make withdrawals and deposits in various ways, the review was conducted by Betenemy.

All you need is a Neteller account. The account is available in different countries except for the U.S. it is similar to the PayPal account. Once set up select the Bitcoin deposit option and send your Bitcoin funds to your Neteller account. Once through, login to your bet365 account and make the deposit using the Neteller.

  1.    Intertops

Intertops started accepting Bitcoin in December 2015. The process is however complicated. You need to open another account with Once set up, you can move your deposit from your personal wallet to the newly created wallet.

The minimum deposit is $10 while the maximum deposit stands at the Bitcoin equivalent of $1000. The user does not incur any transaction fees and the waiting time is reduced to 10 minutes. When it comes to withdrawal the minimum stands at $100 while the maximum limit is $2500. It takes 48 hours for you to access the funds.


Bitcoin has really revolutionized how we make deposits and withdrawals. The change has also been felt in the betting industry. Even though just a handful of companies using this currency, you are bound to see more companies start accepting Bitcoin.

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