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Ski Jumping Pro VR is Out Now For Steam VR and PSVR, Screenshots Available

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Kalypso Media and Yippee Entertainment are excited to announce sports simulation title, Ski Jumping Pro VR, is available now for Playstation VR and Steam VR.

Just in time for the start of the Ski Jumping World Cup, Ski Jumping Pro VR lets you experience the extreme ups and perilous downs of professional ski jumping like no other game.Set out on your journey as a relative unknown in Career or Quick Jump modes and aim for the pinnacle of Ski Jumping’s most prestigious competitions, like World Champion and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Andreas Wellinger.


“When you’re at the top of the ramp in a big competition, the adrenaline rush hits you and you know that a good jump can put you in contention, but equally the slightest error could end in disaster. You get the same feeling in Ski Jumping Pro VR,” said Andreas Wellinger.Compete in events over 32 venues, all meticulously created from their real-life equivalents, and battle the elements as you jump in icy and blustery conditions in both day and night-time tournaments.

Andreas Wellinger continues, “The venues in Ski Jumping Pro VR are breathtaking. You feel the elation from the crowd when you stick a landing because the locations are so true to life. The hill, the lights, the views. It’s all so accurate.”Upgrade as you progress with the deep character customization to improve your performance and style to become a true pro in the ultimate winter sports simulation.

Ski Jumping Pro VR is available now on Playstation VR and Steam VR priced at $19.99

Witness the gravity-defying thrills and spills in the all-new release trailer above. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the game’s screenshots.

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