The Golden Voice: An Interview with Batman Ninja’s Roger Craig Smith

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Roger Craig Smith has been around the Batman block several times before. He knows Bruce Wayne’s secrets, has lived inside the mind of The Dark Knight and basically captivated gamers in Arkham Origins.

However, Smith found himself in one of the craziest Batman iterations in the form of the 2018’s Batman Ninja, where Batman found himself in the Japan surrounded by samurai, robots and heightened anime animation.

The Koalition spoke to Smith about his Ninja role, how he manages to make each version of Batman different and more.

When Smith is putting together an original character, he likes to gather as much information about him to create a profile of the character. This helps him create the texture of the voice; including everything from age to lifestyle.

From there he can adjust as needed until the voice feels natural. However, for Ninja, Bruce Wayne is voice we all know and love; and he didn’t want to depart too far from the established blueprint. Instead of relying on just himself, he collaborates with everyone from the writer to the director.

Fortunately, there was a little leeway with this version of Batman because the story is so exaggerated, Smith was confident with adjusting the voice for its style. The anime helps drives the story so much, it’s easier to say Ninja is an anime film that features DC characters than the other way around.

Unique, wild and completely unique Batman Ninja is one of Smith’s proudest movies.

Check out our full interview below.

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