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The Koalition Shares Our Favorite Moments from James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones is an acting masterclass every time he’s on-screen, who possesses the unique ability to give an impactful performance with each role and Disney’s The Lion King has proven this emphatically.

With the command of his voice Jones was able to bring life to a drawing of a lion. As Mufasa, Jones was the voice of a generation and now in Disney’s 2019 version starring Beyonce, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Keegan-Michael Key, Alfre Woodard and more he continues to be the voice of Hollywood.

Known for his legendary roles and unmistakable voice, we wanted to shine a light on James Earl Jones and share some of our favorite moments of him.

COMING TO AMERICA – His role as King Jaffe Joffer

Image result for King Jaffe Joffer

LION KING – Taking on the voice of Mufasa

Image result for mufasa

STAR WARS – Famously known for Darth Vader

Image result for darth vader

THE SANDLOT – The neighbor Mr. Mertle

Image result for THE SANDLOT – The neighbor Mr. Mertle

Disney’s The Liion King will release in theaters on July 19th.