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Five Blockbuster Movies That Spawned Popular Slot Games

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Some movies shape popular culture and our daily lives forever. They generate countless sequels, sell tons of merchandise, create evergreen jokes, and impact the world in all sorts of ways.

It’s no surprise that some of them even go as far as inspiring slot games. The best slots apps offer the option to play a title that comes with the atmosphere of your favorite movie and that’s a nice way to expand the experience.

This post is dedicated to the five best blockbuster movies that spawned popular slot machines.

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You will struggle to find a more badass character than Tony Montana. The legendary role of Al Pacino is what makes “Scarface” one of the greatest gangster movies of all time.

It’s no surprise that the film inspired a slot machine created by NetEnt. The vendor has the reputation of one of the best studios in the business and you can clearly see why if you try “Scarface”.

The game captures the atmosphere of the movie thanks to the sounds and the cool graphics. Tony himself, Elvira, Manny, and other characters are part of the symbols on the reels.

The visuals are not the only advantage of the game that has plenty of interesting gameplay features. You can trigger bonus rounds or win big through the wild symbols.

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The Dark Knight

The iconic director Christopher Nolan changed our perception of comic book movies with his Dark Knight series. The trilogy won both the critics and the fans, thanks to a new look at Batman’s character.

Both Microgaming and IGT have released slot games that are based on Nolan’s take on one of the most beloved superheroes ever. Batman and the Joker are both present on the reels, alongside Harvey Dent and Rachel.

The game comes with various winning combos and bonus games, so you could have a lot of fun.

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The Hangover

There aren’t many modern comedies that could compare to the following earned by the “The Hangover”. The movie was hilarious and spawned several sequences, as well as a slot machine with four progressive jackpots. Each of them is related to one of the main characters of the film: Alan, Phil, Stu, and Doug.

The game is available in both land-based and web casinos thanks to the efforts of the giant in the industry IGT.

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Russel Crowe’s Maximus is a truly epic character that was behind the massive success of Ridley Scott’s movie “Gladiator”. The film inspired one of the most popular PlayTech slots of the same name and generated millions in jackpots over the years.

The game uses a simple but entertaining formula that could bring huge prizes to each player. The background and the visuals successfully recreate the atmosphere of the movie, so all fans of “Gladiator” will certainly enjoy it.

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The last entry on our list is “Ted”, a cult comedy that somehow managed to successfully lean on a Teddy Bear character and its relationship with a real person played by Mark Whalberg. The friendship between Ted and John is truly awesome and the dirty jokes are flying all over the place.

If you are a fan of slot games and you like “Ted”, you should certainly try the slot machine of the same name. It features plenty of interesting bonus rounds and the developers were not afraid to include foul language to keep the spirit of the movie alive.

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