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William Jackson Harper Says Goodbye to The Good Place’s Chidi

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It’s very rare for a television show to completely change their lives of its characters, actors and viewers for the better but NBC’s The Good Place has managed to bring out the better in all of us (both fictional and real). While characters have come and gone, there is one who has always stayed true to the fans; Chidi.

Literally helping to shape the world of the show, Chidi has reached into people’s lives to help change viewpoints, helped people to embrace the philosophers of the past while bringing compassion to one and all.


Despite memory reboots, nervousness and stomach aches, Chidi has learned that life and its choices are so clear and there are many paths to solving the most pressing problems in the world (like world destruction). As the season finale approaches and when the character is long gone, we’ll know that he’ll always be with Eleanor (Kristen Bell), helping to bringing out her best qualities.

Because as the fans know, “There is no answer. But Eleanor is the answer.”

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While no one knows how the end will play out, we do know that for actor William Jackson Harper, it was an exciting ride. Imagine being on a show that has managed to transform itself repeatedly while also successfully pulling off the biggest twist in TV history. For William Jackson Harper it was emotional, hysterical and insightful.

The Koalition spoke to Harper about saying goodbye to Chidi, how the character has transformed his life, the impact of The Good Place, how he envisions Chidi’s ending and want he wants to accomplish in the future as an actor.

Check out our interview below.

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