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REACT Podcast: Analyzing Mark Cerny’s PlayStation 5 Architecture

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Earlier today, Sony’s Mark Cerny gave a technical presentation about the PlayStation 5 architecture. This is our official recap of the stream, which includes our thoughts, predictions, speculation and comparisons to the Xbox Series X.

Some of the notable points of this technical reveal include: A 10.28 teraflop GPU with a custom RDNA 2 architecture, 16gb memory, an 825GB SSD storage, 5.5GB/s disk read speed and the ability to plug in an external HDD with PS4 games. Cerny also said that 100 of the top PS4 games are capable of running on the PS5. The PlayStation 5 will also have an advance sound engine known as the Tempest Engine.

Details of the PlayStation 5 SSD speed

By now, many are judging the PS5 by the fact that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has the edge on paper. But will the differences matter once we begin getting next-generation games?

What are your thoughts on what we learned about the PlayStation 5? Let us know how much the difference in specs with the Xbox Series X matters to you and whether you think it will impact your gaming experience. Also, look out for much more content surrounding both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X soon.

Here’s the audio version of the podcast.

Here’s the full reveal from Cerny

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