The Greatest Poker-Faces In Hollywood

The gambling industry always had a major influence on Hollywood. Throughout the years, we’ve watched many movies with casino heists, gambling tournaments, etc. They are entertaining to watch and have good storylines. 

One interesting thing that came out on our radar is that gambling became far more popular after Hollywood started broadcasting it in its movies. By the 90s, it was so popular that many people were looking for new and revolutionizing ways for people to enjoy casino games. That is how the idea of online casinos was born. These sites became extremely popular in the last decade because they have numerous advantages over land-based casinos when it comes to payout percentages, bonuses, safety, etc.

Players get a unique experience while enjoying these high-quality games. If you are not too familiar with this concept, feel free to visit and register at this casino. New players receive great bonuses and have access to hundreds of games at any time and place.

While there are hundreds of great actors in Hollywood, not anyone can master the role of a professional gambler. So, in that spirit, we wanted to dedicate this article to some of the master poker faces in the movie industry. Let’s check out our top 3 picks.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon can pretty much adapt to any kind of role. He’s starred in numerous comedies, drama movies, action, sci-fi, etc. His adaptation is what makes him an awesome actor. One of his most underrated performances is actually as a gambler. Matt is the main star in one of the most popular gambling movies ever made – Rounders. He portrays a gambler who seeks to get his friend out of debt but gets tangled with a former KGB boss.

George Clooney

Apart from being known as a terrific actor and one of the sexiest men on the planet, George Clooney is also a good businessman who recently sold his tequila company for $1 billion. His famous poker face is among his numerous qualities as well. George Clooney had the main role in one of the best action franchises ever – Ocean’s. This franchise had several movies and every one of them was more successful than the previous. The role of a professional gambler suits him perfectly.

Ben Affleck

Who else would be the winner in this category if not an actor who is also a professional gambler in real life? Ben Affleck has participated in numerous poker tournaments, including the California State Championship, as well as the World Poker Tour. While many people think that he has developed an addiction towards gambling, he firmly denies these accusations.

Some other memorable mentions in this section are Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlie Sheen, 50 Cent, and Pamela Anderson. All of these celebrities share the love of casino games and are not afraid to wager their money and test their luck. Sometimes they ended up on the winning side, but sometimes not.