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Foundation Season 2 Episode 10 ‘How Did This Happen?’ Clip Shows Day Being Outsmarted

Foundation season 2 is one of Apple TV’s best shows of the year, but all good things must come to an end (don’t worry, it’s only temporary) as episode 10 wrapped up its finale. Filled with plot twists, fights and deaths, it did not disappoint.

Titled ‘Creation Myths,’ there is a sense of doom throughout the season-two finale of Foundation. Things are worse than ever, but rather than focus on the negative and give up, there’s a feeling of defiance, of knowledge that the characters are playing their part in pushing humanity forward, even if they’ll never see the fruits of their labor.

As seen in the clip above, Day relives Bel from all of his duties and instructs the navigator to have their ship jump to the next destination. However, with each ship jumping into the space occupied by its neighbor, a chain reaction is created that could destroy the entire fleet. Can the fleet escape? Will they all die? What is the price of freedom?

The second season of the science fiction series Foundation on Apple TV+ is set more than 100 years after the first season. The season follows the story of Brother Dawn, Brother Day, and Brother Dusk of The Cleons, who have begun to part ways after discovering that they are not exactly like their maker. 

The story continues to follow mathematician Hari Seldon’s predictions of the future of large populations using psychohistory. The season explores the development of the Second Foundation and new abilities for Gaal and Salvor, as well as the continued turmoil of the Cleonic Dynasty.

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