The Advantages of Online vs. Mobile Casinos

Gambling is one of the most popular pastimes around the globe. People have been gambling since the dawn of civilization, and our enjoyment of that hobby has not diminished. In fact, it has only grown. In the 21st century, an era which has been described as “digital,” many people prefer to play their favorite games online.

Online casinos came about in the 1990s, but it wasn’t until the late 2000s that they truly took off. Today, the iGaming industry, as it is called, generates billions of dollars. Many expect online gambling to catch up to land-based gambling in the near future. But, what would that future look like?

Will Mobile Casinos Supplant Online Casinos?

Just as online casinos have grown and are beginning to supplant land-based establishments, many expect that mobile casinos will do the same for their predecessor. However, is that really the case? We’ve looked at plenty of casino websites, licensed, secure, and with a ton of great games, and we’ve compared them to mobile casinos. As things stand now, we don’t believe that mobile casinos will be taking over the industry any time soon. That is why, we’d like to go over the pros and cons of both, and come to a definitive answer to the question.

Online Casinos: The Advantages

There is no denying that online casinos hold a certain advantage over both land-based establishments and mobile casinos. For example, accessibility and convenience are something that online and mobile casinos share. But, when compared to mobile gaming apps, what are the benefits of online casinos?

  • Better Graphics: There is no denying that online casinos, played on more powerful machines come with better graphics. Online slots have truly evolved to a point where graphics do matter, and enjoying the graphics is a big part of enjoying the games.
  • Better Performance: Online casino games also perform much better than mobile casino games. Again, they run on much more powerful machines, so better performance is to be expected.
  • More Game Diversity: Finally, not all games are mobile-friendly. Some were built exclusively for the PC. Which means that many of these games will only run on PC, granting online casinos a greater game diversity.

Mobile Casinos: The Advantages

Certainly, online casinos have their pros. However, it would be unfair to share the advantages of online casinos, without looking at what mobile gambling apps bring to the table. Certainly, some of the advantages of mobile casinos will be obvious, but they are still worth a look.

  • Portability: One of the biggest benefits of mobile casinos is that you can access them from anywhere, as long as you have an iPhone or an Android, and an internet connection. In other words, whether you are commuting, during your lunch break, or at the café, you can play your favorite game. 
  • Exclusive Promotions: Often, online casinos feature exclusive mobile gambling promotions. If you are not using their mobile app, then you could miss out one some particularly great choices. 
  • Quick Access: Gamblers can access mobile casinos even faster than online casinos. All you have to do is open the app, and you are done.