B-Magic vs Danja Zone | Black Ice Cartel [Rap Battle]

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When I heard this battle was going down I was excited. My favourite punch-liner, B-magic versus the underrated battle rapper who’s been having a heck of a run this year, Danja Zone. Well it’s finally hear. To be honest, the battle didn’t live up to my expectations, I feel like they both could have gone way harder, especially Magic. Danja Zone may have taken the W on this one, but they both came with some fire rounds.

Both rappers are from a team of writers known as Writer’s Bloque, who have been battling each other across leagues consistently so maybe their level of respect for each other made them hold back somewhat. Fatigue may be setting in for Magic, as he has failed to have a classic battle since his bout with Conceited at last year’s Summer Madness. Danja Zone has managed to stay consistent, and supposedly he has a battle with T-Rex booked for the future.

Props to both MC’s here, even with my small critique I still appreciate that they both did their thing. Let us know who you think won this one.

Writer’s Bloque roster (for reference):
Danny Myers
Chilla Jones
Danja Zone
Big Kannon
40 Barrs

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