Battlefield 1 Gets Official Trailer and Some New Information

Coming October 21

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Battlefield 1 was the last game shown at EA’s press conference, and DICE did not disappoint when it comes to giving us news to be excited about.

Along with a brand new trailer for the game (above), the developer also promised that Battlefield 1 would feature some of the biggest battles the franchise has ever seen, and confirmed some of the following:

  • Dynamic weather is in the game! Things like fog and rain will change the landscape of the fight, so no two battles will be the same.
  • New vehicles, the “Behemoths”, are large airships that are capable of tons of destruction

Look for more information on Battlefield 1 as the week continues, and should you want to see some more gameplay footage, you can head over to Battlefield’s Twitch, where there will be a full 32 v. 32 tournament of the game broadcast shortly.

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