The Co-op Podcast 93: Is Call of Duty on a decline?

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Welcome to episode 93 of The Co-op Podcast, this week we discuss the decline of Call of Duty‘s popularity. It has been revealed that pre-orders are down for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare compared to previous years. Sure, pre-orders aren’t the best indication of what a game will actually sell, but it is a little telling of the shift in popularity. Is this an opportunity for a new super IP to emerge and take over Call of Duty‘s spot this generation?

The Co-op Podcast 93: Is Call of Duty on a decline? AUDIO VERSION

One month later, do we still feel the same way about Destiny? A glitch was found by players exploiting a menu in the game, the bug shows what looks to be future content to be delivered via updates. This suggests that the expansions may be already on the disk in some form. What’s really telling about it is that all the new missions take place on the current in game planets, meaning there will likely be no new planets. Will Bungie at least add new environments to the planets or are we stuck with the Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars for a long time?

Playstation Home will close next March. What are our thoughts on this social service, did it reach its full potential? Should Sony have dedicated more effort to it? Was it a waste of time?

Microsoft are reportedly not happy with how the Xbox One is selling in Japan. But should they even be expecting more?

Quan Chi has been announced for Mortal Kombat X. What are your thoughts on this, and also which character do you want to see in Mortal Kombat X?

Intel removes ads from Gamasutra in wake of GamerGate, where will this controversy go next?

Panel: Gary Swaby (Host), Richard Bailey Jr. Michael A. Austin Conway, Charles Singletary


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