Dying light Video Showcases New Techniques in, Be The Zombie Mode

Improve your skills with these techniques provided by Techland

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Techland has announced after only two weeks since the release of Dying Light, millions of matches have already been played in the game’s PvP, Be the Zombie mode.

Gamers may have noticed that the team-based 4v1 club has been getting new additions to the family. To help everyone out as a kind gesture, Techland released a “special” gameplay video which is narrated by lead game designer Maciej Binkowski to highlight Dying Light’s take on the new age of asymmetric multiplayer as more games are developing the same style of gaming. The trailer focuses on the lone Night Hunter and showcases select advanced techniques that players can use when invading games of human survivors. Giving them the upper hand at all times.

“With asymmetric PvP multiplayer continually ‘evolving’ we created this cheeky little video of our Be The Zombie mode as a bit of a salute to this awesome trend.” – Maciej Binkowski, Lead Game Designer

Once you’ve s a bonus, the trailer features a special code which fans can redeem to receive a powerful in-game weapon. The code can be redeemed at here. Players will then receive a weapon docket that can be exchanged for a top-tier weapon at the Quartermaster within the game itself. Signing up and linking your platform to your Weapon Dockets account is necessary to use weapon dockets in Dying Light.

Check out the trailer above to view the techniques needed in Be the Zombie mode and to grab yourself some badass weapons to dominate in, Dying Light with the free code. Also, check out the latest review of Dying Light, here!

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